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Maureen O’Hare
Owner,‭ ‬Home Stylist

Thursday, 03 November 2016 10:46

It's the Little Things

For some reason, my husband Clint had a dream of decorating an outside Christmas tree, while sipping hot cocoa. Living on a farm, we planted many pine trees and blue spruces, hoping that one day he'd get his wish. Year after year, the trees would die and we would try again.

The building were A-Jewel is located was really a dream come true. Ashley and I were in search of a building to transform into a business. She is the one who happened upon the building where we're located. The building was vacant and owned by I.B.E.W. I immediately knew it was the one for me when I took a tour and could visualize where everything would go. My father, uncle and husband had all belonged to I.B.E.W and I knew God was pointing me in the right direction. The building needed remodeling inside and curb appeal on the outside. I enlisted the help of my friend Steve, with Nature's Beauty, out of Marshall, for a landscaping plan. In designing the plan, Steve recalled me mentioning in passing how we couldn't get a Christmas tree to grow on our farm. Steve incorporated a beautiful Blue Spruce in my landscape. I immediately called it "Clint's Tree" and nurtured it faithfully. Five years later, it is absolutely beautiful and ready to decorate.

I need your help in decorating this beauty. I believe good times are made better, when shared! This will be the first year with lights on it for the holidays. Hot Cocoa is a must for this event! The event will take place on Thursday, December 1, 2016. From 2-5:30 PM, I will have the retail store open for shoppers and there will be a decorating table set up for children to decorate an ornament for the tree. The public is welcome to bring their own ornament as well. It must be shatterproof, weatherproof and please make it inexpensive, just in case. The decorating ceremony will take place at 6 PM sharp.

This beautiful tree is a Memory of Love. For all of us who have suffered a loss of a loved one, this is your tree too. It was planted with love and took root. When you love with all you have, beauty is all around you. When we unite, there is no grief. When you think about the good memories, you realize how truly blessed you are. It's a gift of pure gratitude!

I can't wait to see your ornaments and to share some hot cocoa with you. Won't this tree be even more beautiful after WE all decorate it?

See you Dec. 1st!


Wednesday, 12 October 2016 07:49

Love Letters

Are love letters a lost art? With all of the negativity in the world, it was refreshing this morning to turn on the radio and hear the topic of "Love Letters in Relationships" being discussed. I was pleasantly surprised at how many callers said they had written love letters to their spouse or received love letters. It was a positive way to start my day to know that with technology taking over and hectic schedules, individuals still take the time to write from the heart, on paper.

My husband and I would write love notes to one another. I saved some of them. I wish I had saved them all. Some that he had written were very romantic, while others were made to be comical. He tried to rhyme! I wrote more than he did. I would habitually leave them in his work truck tucked inside a bin or on the console. Someplace that I would be sure he would find it at some point during the day. Just my way of telling him to be safe and I couldn't wait to see him later. Clint always left mine on my pillow. I began to notice with him that his were written when he knew he would be gone for a natural disaster or harsh storm. I had always wondered if it was his way of saying, in case I don't return. I cherish those notes now!

It was made mention in the radio broadcast that Ronald Regan wrote love letters to Nancy, later which were made into a book. I was unaware of that. I think I need to pick up that book and add it to my reading list. Have you read it?

Some people have a hard time putting what they feel into words or dismiss opening up their heart on paper to; the other person knows how I feel. True, we feel another person's love in many ways. There is eye contact, spoken words, physical contact and small gestures of love. I recall one time Clint said, "I know you love me, you make hot cocoa for me every morning". It was so automatic for me, but I did do that every morning. It was a good feeling to know it wasn't an expected gesture, but an appreciated one. If you've ever read "The 5 Love Languages" by Dr. Gary Chapman, you'll understand that if you are in a relationship with someone who needs "Words of Affirmation" or "Receiving Gifts", maybe you should consider a love letter. When my husband and I had taken this challenge, we discovered that he needed "Words of Affirmation". It was in his top two. That was good information for me to know. Surprisingly, "Words of Affirmation" was 4 out of the 5 for me, so I had to learn how to incorporate more words of affirmation into our everyday life, because that was very important to him. The love notes started before we read the book and I was the love note initiator. I didn't know at the time how much he would embrace the love note exchange. It began as my way of just telling him to be safe and always remember, "I love you". I was really shocked when this big macho lineman wrote a love note and left it on my pillow. One note inparticular brought me to tears and when Clint called during a break from a storm to tell me goodnight, I was gushing about the note. He was very quiet and then typical of my husband, he said "I didn't write you a love note. Someone's already moving in on my woman while I'm away". Of course, it was in his handwriting and he signed it.  

I write in a journal daily, but a year after Clint passed away, I decided to write my last love letter to him and bury it. It was the most difficult letter to write and yet the easiest. I'll explain. I recalled all of the times we had shared together. I thanked him for that time and explained that I didn't know what love was, until I had met him. With that, I even asked for permssion to love again. I knew as I was writing it that I would experience even a greater love in my life, because of his love. Yet, I wasn't believing that before I started writing. I would advise anyone who has suffered the loss of a spouse to write a final love letter. I made it difficult thinking about what to write. Once I relaxed and just felt the love I have for him, the words flowed. Years of memories flowed from my pen to paper. It was an eye-opener and soothing.

So my blog today is wondering how many people have ever written or received a love letter? You don't have to be Shakespeare to write one. I always envisioned a love note on rolled parchment paper with a beautiful ribbon tied around it. That's really not how a heartfelt love note arrives. Some of Clint's were on post-it notes and napkins. I loved them all the same! Just a warning but possibly the first time you write one, your other half will question; "what have you done?" I guarantee it will be well received and one day when you're gone, a beautiful reminder of the love you shared. Oh, and if you haven't already, may I suggest you add the book "The Five Love Languages" to your reading list? It explained a lot to me about interactions with loved ones.

Now, I'm anxious for a road trip to Barnes & Noble for the Ronald Regan book.


Tuesday, 20 September 2016 12:23

Mirror, Mirror

Are you looking to add something new to your home? Have you seen the oversized floor length mirrors? The width is usually twice the size of a typical floor length mirror. I'm noticing them everywhere and it's my new obsession. I bet you've noticed that I have many decorating obsessions! We all know that mirrors make a room appear larger, but when you add a show stopper like one of these mega mirrors, they really open up a room. The frame can be simple to very ornate. Every color is optional from black, bronze, beige, silver and gold. They also come in metal, wood or plastic coated. The natural wood framed mirrors are amazing. This bad boy needs the perfect spot in your home.

My first love would be the dining room. It's the ideal room for an oversized mirror, if you have the wall space.  If you want your dining room to really stand out, prop an oversized mirror up against a wall where you're sure it won't get bumped into. Now imagine the holiday season with a festive tablescape with candles, glass and silver. Top that with the reflection from the monster mirror. The whole room will glisten and shine! Due to the large scale, nestle one of these mirrors behind your living room sofa. We all seem to struggle with the over-the-sofa dilemma. Wouldn't the natural wood mirror look fantastic in a family room or at the end of a hallway? I sure think so.

Do you have a tiny foyer or does your foyer need a magic weapon? This may be exactly what you've been looking for to enlarge the space. Braced to a wall with brackets, it will set a firm foundation to showcase your entry table and a tiffany table lamp. If you angle the mirror just right, it will showcase your foyer light fixture. Do you have an amazing chandelier that you want guests to notice? It will make a tiny space sparkle.

I haven't figured out the ideal spot in my own home yet. Once I do, I'll measure the wall before I go shopping. My master bedroom is out. I think it's a bit tricky to add an oversized mirror in a master bedroom. We tend to fill our bedrooms with oversized furniture as it is. I know I do. My preference is to scale down the size of the mirror for the bedroom and concentrate more on the frame of the mirror. I would suggest you go with something more ornate or something with a unique frame for over your bureau. The bedroom should be comfortable and relaxing. Too many overscale pieces may hinder the warmth of the space.

The cost for an oversized mirror will range anywhere from $200 to thousands, depending on the quality and material. Barnwood mirrors are more in demand, hence they will carry a heftier price tag. Yes, it's an investment piece, just like a piece of furniture. It's an investment that you'll have for years. If you're budget conscious, do some research. Shop flea markets, closeout sales, furniture liquidations, auctions or go online for furniture store coupons.  Don't forget to measure the space first and take your tape measure with you!

Happy Home Decorating!



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